Our remote offices

This is where & how we work.

Remote work. How does it work?

We thought we’d share some images of our home/remote offices to inspire other teams to become more remote as well. We believe that remote work has much more benefits compared to office work; yes, offices do offer direct, face-to-face communication, however: we are able to communicate as clearly (if not clearer) with tools like Slack, Loom, Zoom, and Trello.

Remote work also means that there is no need to drive to and back from the office, which saves a substantial amount of time.

Besides that, everyone also sets-up their own “work-space” how they like it.

Whenever we do need to meet-up, we will do so in co-working spaces, coffee spots, or other public places.

Our offices

  • Jess IGNG

    Jessica, IGNG Manager, Berlin / New Zealand.

    Responsive image

    Set up: My desk is essentially my living space. I work from here for my full-time job, my art work, my writing, my research, everything. It’s needs some upgrades but I like to kee

    Music: Anything and everything. Spotify playlists are great because they find similar music to your tastes and just plays in the background without you having to sit there thinking how awful the current song is.

    Essentials: My laptop, wifi, my mouse and power cable.

    Tea or coffee? Both! Coffee before I start working and green tea later in the day.

  • Max MySooty

    Max, Founder & performance manager, Berlin / Los Angeles / New York

    Responsive image

    Set up: My work-space will change quite a lot depending on where I am. Throughout the year, I mostly spend my days between Berlin, Los Angeles, and New York. Whether I am in my own h ome in Berlin or an Airbnb; there are a couple of things that remain the same: a clean and cleared desk, great loose-leaf tea and coffee, a good internet connection, my 2 MacBook Pro’s and my anti-blue light glasses.

    Music: Even though I love music, I never play music while working.

    Essentials: My 2 MacBook’s, good wifi, quality tea & coffee, my anit-blue light glasses.

    Tea or coffee? Both. But mostly tea!.

  • Luka MySooty

    Luka, General manager, Berlin / Los Angeles.

    Responsive image

    Set up: Depending on the work that needs to get done (and where I am in the world) I like to mix up my week half at home, half in cafes. I love having my second screen at my home office, but getting out of the house and working in new environments is always a great way to be re-inspired, spark some creativity, and meet new people.

    Music: Spotify is my office bff - suggests only what I like. Depending on what I’m working on, it could be classical piano, house, jazz, low-fi beats; mostly music with no lyrics. Love me some podcasts during lunch breaks or when my eyes need a break from the screens!

    Essentials: I love working in a space filled with natural light, windows open and good tunes playing. And of course - wifi.

    Tea or coffee? Coffee (multiples!!) in the morning, followed by herbal tea in the afternoons.

  • Grace IGNG

    Grace, IGNG manager, Toronto

    Responsive image

    Set up: Usually just my laptop and notebook!

    Music: Chill electric 100%

    Essentials: Headphones, all the lights on, window open!

    Tea or coffee? Always cold brew!

  • Elisa Elisa

    Elisa, IGNG manager, Berlin

    Responsive image

    Set up: My MacBook Pro in Berlin or in New York.

    Music: Jazz, oldschool and low-fi hiphop, sometimes Techno.

    Essentials: Definitely music.

    Tea or coffee? Tea or coffee? Coffee and coconut water.

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